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Difference between vertical lathe and horizontal lathe

The spindle of horizontal lathe is on the left side of the machine tool and flat bed. It is used for axle and disc parts. The spindle of vertical lathe is on the bed, which is used to process large parts such as brake hub.

The biggest difference between vertical lathe and horizontal lathe lies in the spindle. Vertical means that the spindle is vertical, and horizontal means that the spindle is horizontal.

When the vertical lathe works, the weight of the workpiece is directly loaded on the workbench, and the workbench disperses the weight on the bed. Therefore, the vertical lathe has large weight carrying capacity and good rigidity. It is suitable for processing large, large diameter and small length workpieces, such as discs, hubs, gear blanks, etc.

The workpiece of the horizontal lathe is clamped on the chuck to transfer the load to the main shaft, which is borne by the front and rear main bearings, so the bearing capacity is small and the rigidity is poor. However, the horizontal lathe is very convenient for observation and operation, so it is suitable for processing small and medium-sized wheel discs and shaft parts.

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