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The structural characteristics of hydraulic radial drilling machine

The hydraulic radial arm drilling machine has high working efficiency, high hydraulic pressure, small machining error and preselected variable speed. It can be bored under the condition of corresponding tooling. The spindle box, rocker arm, and column are all clamped by hydraulic pressure; Use a handle to operate the neutral gear. It has the advantages of perfect performance, safe use, reliability, convenience, easy maintenance, high precision, good rigidity and long life.

1. The main key parts are made of high-strength cast iron and special steel.
2. Continuous processing by specialized equipment to ensure excellent basic components.
3. The hydraulic pre-selection speed change mechanism is adopted, which can save auxiliary time.
4. Spindle forward and reverse rotation, parking (brake), shifting, neutral and other actions are controlled by a handle, making the operation easier and faster.
5. The spindle box, rocker arm, inner and outer columns adopt hydraulically driven diamond block clamping mechanism, which is reliable in clamping.
6. The 16-level spindle speed and feed can accompany the selection of economical cutting.
7. The rocker arm guide, the outer cylindrical surface, the main shaft, the main shaft sleeve, and the inner and outer cylindrical rotary raceways are all quenched, which can maintain the stability of the machine tool accuracy for a long time and extend the service life.
8. Perfect safety protection device and outer column protection.
9. Effective measures have been taken in structural design and in the manufacturing process to increase the precision and durability of the machine tool and the service life of the whole machine. It is widely used in large-scale equipment for drilling, reaming, flat surface, reaming, tapping and boring. Applicable to the machining department.

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