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General method to judge the quality of radial drilling machine motor

1. Observe whether the motor machinery is damaged and whether the connection is normal. When the winding is short-circuited, the motor will spark and smoke. Then check the insulation of the junction box circuit and whether the screws are fastened or not, and clean up the dust and oil.

2. By smelling the smell of the motor, the internal temperature of the motor can be judged. If you can smell the enameled wire, it means that the internal temperature of the motor winding is too high. If you smell the pungent special unpleasant scorching smell, it means that the motor windings are burned out. At this time, 90% prove that the motor is burned out and can no longer be used.

3. Touch the motor shell and bearing with your hands. If there is any abnormality, it is usually caused by heat, hot hands, abnormal noise, jitter, etc. These symptoms may be caused by overload, current imbalance, bearing or base wear, looseness, poor ventilation, and frequent starting.

4. Listen to the buzzing, buzzing and buzzing sounds of the motor during normal operation. Under normal circumstances, use a screwdriver to hold one end of the motor bearing part and the other end close to your ear, you can hear the quality of the motor bearing and the overall condition of the motor, and at the same time, you can judge the lubrication of the bearing and whether the stator and rotor are sweeping. Circumstances of bore, transmission mechanism, etc.

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