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Automatic Horizontal Metal CNC Sawing Machine

Product Description
The metal numerical control band saw machine is a band saw machine that tensions the circular saw band on two saw wheels, and the saw wheel drives the saw wheel to cut large billets. Metal CNC band sawing machines mainly have two types: vertical and horizontal.

For high-precision metal cutting, it is an ideal equipment for industrial and mining enterprises and small workshops, and has a wide range of uses.

Specifications GH4250
Sawing range Round steel Φ500mm
Square material 500×500mm
Belt saw blade  size 5800×41×1.1mm
Saw blade speed 27\45\69m/min
Motor power Main motor 5.5kw
Oil pump motor 0.75kw
Cooling pump motor 0.125kw
Sawing machine  external form size 2800×1300×2000mm

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