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How to disassemble the radial drill body?

During the long-term use of the radial drill, the parts of the drilling machine will have to be replaced due to aging or damage. Then, to replace the equipment components, the radial drill needs to be disassembled first. Then, what is the disassembly sequence of each part of the radial drill, and what problems should be paid attention to? The following is a simple analysis of the removal sequence of each part of the radial drill.

The disassembly sequence of the main components of the radial drill:
1. Cut off the power supply and remove all motors and related electrical components;

2. Remove the headstock from the right end of the rocker arm;

3. Support or hang the rocker arm of the drilling machine well, and remove the lifting parts;

Rocker drilling

4. Lift out the rocker arm;

5. Hang out the outer column;

6. Remove the inner column from the base;

7. Remove the base (if it is repaired in situ or if surface planing is not required, the base may not be removed).

What inspections need to be done before the radial drill is dismantled?

The radial drill needs to be implemented in accordance with the industry standard and have a clear understanding of the wear of the machine tool. In addition, it is also necessary to check the size of the rotary clearance of the column. If the backlash is too large, after removing the outer column, check the wear of the chain ball bearing and the spring steel bar, so that the parts can be replaced. How to check the size of the rotation gap of the column: put the dial indicator on the lower end of the outer column, press the worktable with the handle, and read the change value on the dial indicator. The variable value is the external force column clearance value. The column is not tightened during measurement, and the rocker arm and the headstock are clamped.

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