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Adjustment and maintenance of Z3050 * 16 machine tool

1. Adjustment of machine tool

(1) Adjustment of feed safety clutch
Open the small cover on the left side of the spindle box and adjust the M8 screw to increase or reduce the spring pressure, so as to make the spindle feed resistance reach the specified value. The mechanism has been measured and sealed by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. Users cannot easily adjust it. If adjustment is really necessary, it should be carried out by professionals with drilling machine experience. If not, the user shall be responsible for the accident of damaged parts.

(2) Adjustment of spindle balance force
Remove the limit block at the outer end of the rocker arm, move the spindle box until the balance spring box is exposed, hold the spring box with tools, remove the lower limit screw, rotate the spring box to an appropriate position, limit it with screws, and test the balance until it is appropriate.

(3) Adjustment of rocker arm lifting safety device
1) The safety device slips and the rocker arm cannot rise and fall normally. It is necessary to remove the observation cover behind the housing, pry open the non-return washer on the upper side of the intermediate shaft, and adjust the round nut to the appropriate position (the safety torque is about 10-12nm)

2) When the rocker arm rises or falls to the two limit positions, the fuse fails. If the friction distance is greater than the maximum torque of the motor, adjust the nut to reduce the friction distance.

2. Maintenance of machine tool

(1) Before using the machine tool, the maintenance oil and dirt shall be removed to avoid affecting the flexibility of action.

(2) During the use of the machine tool, the sliding and adjustment shall be carried out according to the provisions in the manual.

(3) The rocker arm and column guide rail shall be cleaned with fine abrasive cloth and filled with oil to avoid grinding damage.

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