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Causes and solutions of hydraulic system failure of band sawing machine

01. Cylinder crawling
(The oil cylinder has the feeling of beating during the lifting process)
1) It may be that there is air inside during installation. Turn on the machine to adjust the stroke to the maximum to make it move quickly and forcibly remove the air.
2) The position of the oil cylinder is not calibrated when it is installed. The parallel alignment of the oil cylinder and the guide rail should be calibrated.
3) The sundries in the cylinder, such as iron filings, dust, etc., are not cleaned, and the treatment method is to re-clean, assemble, and test after disassembly.

02. The lifting cylinder will automatically drop and cannot be stopped
1) Whether the speed control valve is returned to the zero position, check the speed control valve and return to the zero position.
2) Leak in the cylinder, replace the cylinder. Or the solenoid valve is stuck, repair it.
3) The back pressure function fails, replace the cylinder.

03. Inaccurate feeding
1) Leakage in the cylinder, replace the cylinder.
2) Leak in the solenoid valve, replace the solenoid valve.
3) Problems with mechanical parts, adjust the mechanical parts.

04. Lifting cylinder jitter
1) Check whether the installation position is vertical, especially the flat-bottomed cylinder, and try to adjust the installation position as much as possible.
2) The internal clearance of the cylinder is small, or the cylinder piston and piston rod have poor concentricity. Return these parts to the factory for inspection.

05. Oil cylinder leaks
1) The seal is worn out, replace the seal.
2) Check the cover of the oil cylinder leakage position, whether the cast and cover have blisters, if any, replace the cylinder or cover.

06. The sawing machine stagnates during the cutting process
(For panels and speed control valves used on large sawing machines)
When sawing large materials (300mm width * 80mm thickness) and above, or when sawing special materials, a very slow cutting speed may be required.

To prevent stagnation, the following measures can be taken:
1) Loosen the lifting cylinder back pressure valve as far as possible to reduce the amount of back pressure.
2) Try to control the system pressure within 3.8MPA-4.5MPA (very important).
3) Try to choose a high-quality pressure regulating valve.

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