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circular saw machine Maintenance and precautions

The quality of the Metal Circular Saw is very important. The poor quality of the Circular Saw will directly affect the normal use in the later period. However, if the quality is good, the service life of the Circular Saw will be greatly shortened without paying attention to maintenance. Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the Metal Circular Saw, maintain the normal working state of the machine, and minimize the mechanical failure rate of the Metal Circular Saw.

Before we use the Metal Circular Saw and the Solid Rod Metal Circular Saw,they need to be checked and maintained. Make sure that the Metal Circular Saw is in the best condition before using it.

1. Check the oil quantity of the lubricating oil, which is the oil quantity we will use, and keep the oil (grease) in strict accordance with the lubrication chart, and maintain the oil quantity is appropriate and the oil passage is smooth. No rust, no root oil, no “yellow robe”, no scratches on the sliding surface, see if the color of the oil is discolored or deteriorated.

2. Look at the appearance, whether the parts are intact, and ensure that the safety device is safe and reliable.

3. Look at the power supply. Like the Solid Rod Metal Circular Saw, check the power supply line, check the motor wiring and whether there is a short circuit in the electrical device, which belongs to the normal power-on state.

4. After reading the first three points, we can move the motor of the Metal Circular Saw to make the Metal Circular Saw run, but this can only be idling, and it cannot be directly operated. When the idling time reaches 10 minutes, we will Check and adjust all parts of the main drive to ensure normal operation, whether the direct drive of the belt is tight and proper, the direction and spacing of the circular saw blades are installed correctly, and there is no looseness; check and adjust the hydraulic system to make the handle flexible and “clamping” ”, “feeding”, “feeding”, “returning”, “releasing” and other actions are accurate, the hydraulic oil is not lower than the scale line, the pump works reliably, and the hydraulic pipeline has no leakage; check and adjust the cooling system to ensure that the Sufficient coolant, no impurities, no deterioration, no leakage.

During the use of the Metal Circular Saw, there are some places that need to be maintained and need to be paid attention to.

1. For example, if we find that the operating sound of the Metal Circular Saw is abnormal, we should stop the machine in time, conduct inspections, and check whether the main drive parts, lubrication, hydraulic, cooling systems and vices are working properly. The hydraulic and cooling systems have No noise or leakage, according to the tool box, the oil should not be lower than 1/3 of the height of the marking line on the oil mark.

2. Always pay attention to the operation of motors and electrical appliances, temperature rise, sound, vibration, etc., and the rotation speed should be consistent, not too fast, so as to avoid the Metal Circular Saw working under load.

3. In the working state of the Metal Circular Saw, the guide rail and the column are often pulled, so once we find that the guide rail and the column are pulled, we must stop working, repair and maintain in time.

4. Check or replace the incoming power fuse.

When the work of the Metal Circular Saw is completed, maintenance is also required.

1. After the work of the Metal Circular Saw is completed, put all the operating devices in the neutral state, and finally disconnect the power switch.

2. Clean the work site, maintain a clean environment on the work site, and wipe the exterior parts and parts of the metal circular saw to prevent dust and slag from entering the interior of the Metal Circular Saw.

Develop a good use habit, as long as we use the metal circular saw correctly according to the operating procedures, and the maintenance of the metal circular saw is timely, then your metal circular saw will last longer.

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