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Bullhead Planer Gear Material

The forging of most gear blanks of the Bullhead planer adopts high-quality carbon steel and alloy layout steel, and heat treatment is used to improve and enhance the mechanical properties. According to the heat treatment after different tooth surface hardness, steel gears are divided into soft tooth surface gears and hard tooth surface gears.

The tooth surface hardness of the soft tooth surface gear is less than or equal to 350HBS, which is suitable for general purpose, small and medium power and low precision equipment, such as general reducer. Because the hardness of the tooth surface is not high, after the gear blank is completed in the heat treatment process of quenching or normalizing, methods such as grooving or gear hobbing are generally used.

For some gears with soft tooth surfaces, the number of meshing times of the gear teeth of the pinion gear is greater than that of the large gear during the transmission process, and the tooth root of the gear is thinner, which makes the bending strength of the pinion gear teeth weaker. Therefore, gear tooth surface hardness of more than 350HBS is more durable and can extend its life.

Generally speaking, different materials or different heat treatments are usually used to achieve this requirement. Hardened gears have a tooth surface hardness greater than 350HBS, and are often used in important mechanical transmissions that are heavily loaded and subjected to impact loads or require compact layout. Such as bull’s head planer, radial drill press automatic gearbox. After quenching or normalizing, the gear blanks are precision cut, and then surface hardened, which increases the bearing capacity of wear-resistant gears. The comprehensive load-bearing capacity of hard-tooth gears and soft-tooth gears can be increased by 2 to 3 times. Moreover, in different load-carrying capacity, the hard tooth surface gear transmission is much smaller than the soft tooth surface layout size.

The selection of gears for the planer is very important to improve the quality of the planer. When purchasing a planer, the user should know more about the gear used by the manufacturer of the planer. This is more conducive to understanding the quality of the bull’s head planer.

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