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CK7516 CNC lathe

What is the relationship between the machining route and machining allowance of CK7516 CNC lathe?

CK7516 CNC lathe is an automatic machine tool that integrates new achievements in various fields such as computer, automation, servo drive, measurement and mechanical technology, and is a newly emerging industrial processing technology. Then, in the process of CNC machining and production, most of the reasons for the exclusion of the machinery itself are caused by irregular operation, adjustment and improper handling.

CK7516 CNC lathe is an automatic machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. Equipped with a multi-station turret or a power turret, it can be used to process various circular mechanical parts, such as cylinders, automobile linkage shafts, industrial linear cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs and various threads, grooves, worms and other complex workpieces. It has various compensation functions of linear interpolation and circular interpolation, and has played a good economic effect in the mass production of complex parts.

If there is an abnormality in the machining process, but it will not immediately cause serious accidents such as tool collision and product scrapping, you can press the feed hold button, then enter the manual mode, exit the tool, make necessary adjustments, and restart processing.

If an accident such as a knife collision has occurred, or an accident is about to occur, or the product is scrapped, press the emergency stop button immediately and then deal with the problem. If the size does not fit, the product is not scrapped. By modifying the tool compensation, it can be adjusted to the ideal size, and the tool compensation can be directly modified without interrupting the processing.

At present, under the condition that the numerical control lathe has not yet reached the popular use, the excessive allowance on the blank, especially the allowance containing the forging and cast hard skin layers, should be arranged on the ordinary lathe for processing. If you want to use CNC lathes, you need to pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by a pull rod. The main points of hydraulic chuck clamping are as follows: First, remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder with the wrench, remove the pull tube, and pull it out from the rear end of the spindle, and then remove the chuck fixing screw with the wrench to remove the chuck.

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