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How to solve the common cracking problem of band saw blade

First of all, the new saw belt must be run-in cutting. Cracks appear in a short time of use, which means that the cutting in the running-in period is not done well or there is no running-in at all. It must be corrected immediately, otherwise it will cause more unnecessary losses.

Consider from the aspect of tension: Assuming that the saw band is only tightened without thinking about the tension that the saw band can withstand, the excessive force of the saw band will increase the element of pre-crack.

Thinking from the guide arm: some operators turn the guide arm too far so that the guide arm is close to the saw wheel, which increases the distortion of the saw band, which will cause a crack in the belt body.

The precise application method is: the two guide arms are adjusted to about 1 cm of the workpiece to be cut. It will be fine if the saw frame does not fall, which not only reduces the pressure on the saw band, but also greatly extends the operating life of the band saw blade.
There are other points that are not explained in detail, that is, the saw belt feed is too large, the line speed transition is too fast, and the back of the saw belt climbs on the edge of the wheel, which is also the element that constitutes the back crack.

Why does the band saw blade crack during use? In addition to the above reasons, the following problems should be dealt with to prevent frequent cracking:

1.In order to prevent the tension of the saw band from being too high, wherever the sawing machine can be adjusted manually, you can manually adjust the tension of the band saw blade to avoid excessive pressure on the band saw blade.

2.The top guide block is not attached to the back of the saw band, and the saw band twists and cracks when cutting force is applied.

3.If the tooth type of the band saw blade is too large or too small, the cutting performance will drop and premature damage will occur.

4.The saw blade is not in contact with the flange mouth, and the saw blade should be adjusted out of the 1 mm.

5.The two saw wheels are not parallel, and the tension on the teeth and back of the saw blade is different, and cracks are more likely to occur on the side with greater force.

6. If the line speed is too fast, the early fatigue of the saw band will cause cracks, and high-speed cutting should not be used.

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