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Drag Characteristics of CNC Milling Machine

Electric drive characteristics of Drag Characteristics of CNC Milling Machine Electric drive is a form of drag in which the motor is used as the prime mover to drive the movement of mechanical equipment, also known as electric drive. Because it is more convenient to obtain electric energy, 80% of machine tools and equipment are driven by electric power. The use of electric drag can not only improve the control performance of mechanical equipment, but also improve product quality and labor productivity. The electric drag characteristics of the universal milling machine are as follows:

1. There are two processing methods: down milling and up milling. The combination switch on the to change the power phase sequence is realized.

2 Since the spindle drive system is equipped with an inertia wheel to avoid vibration, the spindle motor adopts an electromagnetic clutch to brake to achieve accurate parking.

3. The worktable of the universal milling machine requires feed movement in 6 directions: front and rear, left and right, and up and down, so the motor is required to be able to rotate forward and reverse, and it is realized by the cooperation of the operating handle and the mechanical clutch. The rapid movement of the feed is achieved by electromagnets and mechanical gear shifting. The rotary motion of the circular worktable is driven by the feed motor and the transmission mechanism.

4 According to the requirements of the processing technology, the universal milling machine should have the following electrical interlocking measures: in order to prevent the damage of the tool and the milling machine, only after the spindle rotates, the feed movement and rapid movement in the feed direction are allowed. In order to reduce the roughness of the machined surface, the spindle can only be stopped or stopped at the same time after the feed is stopped. The interlocking of the feeding unit in 6 directions is realized by the cooperation of the mechanical joystick and the position switch. The main shaft movement and the feed movement use the speed change plate to select the speed. In order to ensure that the speed change gear enters a good meshing state, both models require jogging after the speed change. When the spindle motor or cooling pump is overloaded, the feed movement must be stopped immediately to avoid damage to the tool and milling machine 5 Cooling system, lighting equipment and various protective measures are required.

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