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How to Choose the Right Surface Grinder

Surface grinder is a kind of precision processing equipment. It is mainly used for precision grinding of metal and non-metal workpiece surfaces. Through the high-precision grinding processing of surface grinders, workpieces with high precision, high flatness, and high surface finish can be obtained.

Surface grinders are widely used and are mainly used in the following industries:
1. Mold manufacturing and processing. Surface grinders can perform precision processing on molds, such as surface grinding between templates, mold bases, mold heads, etc.
2. Machinery manufacturing and parts processing. Surface grinders can grind various mechanical parts, such as bearing seats, gears, cams, crankshafts, etc.
3. Aerospace field. Aviation engine parts, missiles, and spacecraft parts.
4. Auto parts. Automobile parts require high-precision surface grinding, such as steering gears, clutches, gearboxes, etc.
5. Optical lens. Surface grinders can perform high-precision grinding and polishing of optical components to ensure image quality.
6.Watches and clocks field. Surface grinders can be used to manufacture various parts of watches and clocks, such as watch cases, dials, hands, etc.
7. Electronic components industry. Surface grinders can perform high-precision grinding and polishing of electronic components to ensure the flatness and smoothness of the surface of the components.

Our company has manual, program-controlled, CNC surface grinders, as well as surface grinders of various sizes. Among them, the best-selling two series of surface grinders are the SGA series and M71. There are slight differences between these two series of grinders.

SGA series surface grinder

SGA series surface grinder

M71 series surface grinder

M71 series surface grinder

The M71 series is a surface grinder with a moving grinding head. It adopts a T-shaped layout. A supporting plate is installed on the guide rail of the column. A vertical feed mechanism is installed in the middle of the guide rail. It has high transmission accuracy and good interchangeability. A cross is used during the transmission process. The joint connection can compensate for the center error between the screw and the reducer shaft. The worktable moves using a closed hydraulic system. The front and rear feeding can be done manually or hydraulically automatically. The variable frequency motor drives the lead screw to automatically feed intermittently. The grinding head can move up and down without motorized rapid lifting or manual feeding. Using high-strength cast iron basic parts, the grinding head spindle adopts a tube tile or high-rigidity sleeve structure. The overall machine tool has strong rigidity, stable quality, and smooth operation.

The SGA series saddle moving surface grinder adopts a cross carriage layout, and the transverse guide rails are covered with polytetrafluoroethylene soft bag tape. The worktable moves using a closed hydraulic system. The front and rear feeding can be done manually or the screw can be driven by a motor to feed intermittently automatically. The grinding head can be moved up and down quickly using a lift motor (AHR model) or a servo motor to quickly lift and automatically Feeding (AHD models) can also be done manually. The grinding machine adopts high-precision sliding screw, high-strength cast iron basic parts, and the grinding head spindle adopts precision angular contact rolling bearings and high-rigidity sleeve structure. The overall quality of the machine tool is stable and the operation is smooth.

Our M71 series is suitable for rough grinding. It grinds quickly and efficiently, but the finish is not as good as that of the SGA saddle series. The SGA series is more suitable for fine grinding and has a higher finish, so for the same size surface grinder, the price of the M71 is a little lower than that of the SGA series. If the customer has higher requirements for smoothness and sufficient budget, we recommend using the SGA series surface grinder. If the customer wants higher processing efficiency, does not have high requirements for smoothness, and has a limited budget, we recommend the M71 series surface grinder.

Our Shanghai ANTISHICNC company has a wide range of surface grinders, including M series manual surface grinders 618A and 818A suitable for grinding small workpieces, SGA series saddle moving surface grinders, M7 series grinding head moving surface grinders, CNC series CNC surface grinders, SG Series column moving surface grinders, high-precision CNC surface grinders, oversized gantry surface grinders, fixed beam program-controlled (CNC) gantry guide rail grinders, moving beam CNC gantry guide rail grinders. If you have any needs for surface grinders, please feel free to contact our sales engineers.

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