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cnc edm wire cut machine

cnc edm wire cut machine

EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining is a way of cutting metal using electricity, Similar to a plasma cutter except under water. The process is very common in manufacturing of injection molds. The process can be as simple as using a small diameter metal tube to cut a precise hole in a metal block to using a carved graphite block to machine a toy shape in a metal block for injection molding. Here i will be showing you how to make your own EDM machine using simple hand tools and supplies from your local hardware store.

Electrical discharge machining is a method of removing metal using an electric sparks, similar to a plasma cutter but on a much smaller scale and under water. As shown in the above steps, the tool is normally above the work piece and wired to the positive voltage, the work piece is in distilled water (a dielectric fluid – a liquid that doesn’t conduct electricity) and wired to the negative voltage. As the tool approaches the work piece, it will develop a spark before they touch. At this point the spark heats up both the tool and work piece, melting a small piece of each. The molten metal quickly cools in the water and the water flow pushes the metal particles from between the two pieces. This process is repeated over and over, and will result in the work piece being etched away as the negative of the tool shape.

The tool is normally held in place on a vertical linear slide so its position can be very accurately controlled. If the tool is too far from the work piece, no spark will develop, if the tool is too close to the work piece it can fuse or weld the two pieces together. The tool is constantly moved closer to develop a spark, and then moved away to allow flushing and reduce the chance of fusing with the work piece

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