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CNC horizontal lathe Introduction

The spindle of CNC horizontal lathe adopts manual control, mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, wide range of uses and convenient operation. The machine can realize automatic control and can turn and process the inner and outer circles, end faces, grooves, and arbitrary tapers of various parts. Surface, spherical, metric and inch threads, tapered threads and other processes are suitable for mass production. The CNC system can be equipped with a standard RS232 interface, so the machine tool can enter the DNC system. CNC horizontal lathe bed guide rail adopts super audio frequency quenching, technology, strong wear resistance, high precision, advanced spindle system structure, stable speed, and high cutting performance. Longitudinal and horizontal use ball screw drive. Excellent dynamic response and low noise. The CNC horizontal lathe is suitable for practical training in mechanical colleges and secondary professional schools, and can provide various programming operation training and actual processing training for trainees.

The SPARK brand CNC horizontal lathe sold by ANTISHI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is suitable for processing the outer circle, outer circle surface, inner hole, end surface, Hole and cone surface, spherical surface roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and curved surface, various R arc processing, thread processing, etc., through CNC programming, can automatically complete the inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, end surface, step Coarse and fine turning processing and rough and fine processing of internal and external threads, tapered threads, end threads, multi-start threads, metric and inch threads.

The bed is made of high-grade and high-quality gray cast iron (HT300) with resin sand molding and intermediate frequency quenching and grinding. The hardness of the guide rail is higher than HRC52-58, and the moving guide pairs are affixed with anti-crawling PTFE soft belts. , Chip removal adopts 45° rear chip removal method. The main transmission system is driven by the main motor, and the motor and the transmission mechanism are connected by a narrow V-belt. The main shaft is equipped with an encoder, which can realize constant linear speed cutting and control of feed per revolution and thread turning. The spindle has any thread processing function. Tool holders, ball screws, bearings, centralized lubrication, etc. are all well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure the machining accuracy and rigidity of the machine tool.

This series of machine tools “SPARK” brand CNC lathes won the title of Chinese brand and became the first choice of equipment for users. ANTISHI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on the sales of CNC machine tools, CNC milling machines, turning and milling centers, CNC high-precision grinding machines, general lathes, sawing machines and other general machinery and equipment. Products are exported to Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries. ANTISHI Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a professional machine tool after-sales service team to provide our customers with complete after-sales service.

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