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Intelligent Automatic Horizontal Band Saw (CH-400NC)

Product description:
1. Brand new process

2. CNC automatic sawing machine

3. Using 5.5kW 6P main motor, more powerful

4.Intelligent sawing system

5. Dual operating system: with 10-inch touch screen and full set of operation buttons

6.Automatic tape break and no material detection

7. High sawing efficiency, long saw blade life, fast positioning, and improved feeding accuracy.


Maximum sawing size Round material: Ø400 mm
Square material: 400X400mm
main motor power 5.5kW 6P
Band saw blade specifications 41×1.3×5080 mm Hydraulic motor power 1.5kW
Band saw blade cutting speed 20-90m/min Cooling pump power 120W
Band saw blade feed speed Stepless stepless speed regulation Single feed cylinder stroke 500mm

* Extreme sawing: φ300 45 # solid bar material Sawing time: 3 minutes 50 seconds

* GZ4240 Extreme sawing: φ300 45 # solid bar material Saw time: 8 minutes 03 seconds


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