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Drilling and milling machine use

What are the uses of drilling and milling machines?

Drilling and milling machines are suitable for the processing of various small and medium-sized parts, especially non-ferrous metal materials; plastics; nylon cutting, which has the advantages of simple structure and flexible operation.
Widely used in single-piece or batch machinery manufacturing; instrument industry; building decoration and repair departments.

Drilling and milling machine is a small and medium-sized general metal cutting machine tool, which can mill both horizontally and vertically. It is suitable for drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, and hole processing; such as using a disc milling machine, an angle milling cutter, a forming milling cutter and an end milling cutter, it can mill planes, inclined surfaces, vertical surfaces and grooves. After installing the accessory end milling head, it can be used for multi-directional milling work. After the attachment indexing head is installed, it can be used for milling of straight teeth, bevel gears and helical teeth with a stroke of m=3 mm or less. Because this machine tool is widely used, it is suitable for general repair and tool workshops; it is suitable for single-piece or small batch production workshops.

The structure of this machine tool is composed of nine main components: bed, base, triangle, worktable and sliding seat, sliding arm rotary seat, milling head, cooling and lubrication, and electrical system.

The bed is installed on the base, and the main motor is installed in the lower abdomen of the bed. It is transmitted to the main shaft through a pair of V-belt pulleys and enters into the gear box of the machine bed, and is transmitted to the main shaft through six pairs of gears. Either the end milling cutter handle or the cutter bar can be installed. The other end of the long cutter bar is supported in the bearing hole of the hanger, and the cutter bar bracket is installed on the dovetail guide rail of the sliding arm.

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