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Five-axis CNC machine tool

Five-axis linkage numerical control technology is one of the important standards to measure the technical level of a country’s manufacturing capacity for complex precision parts. The five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is the only means to solve the cutting and processing of key industrial products such as aero engine impellers, blisks, blades, and marine propellers. In recent years, with the rapid rise of China’s comprehensive national power and the value reconfiguration of the global industrial chain.

In the high-end manufacturing fields such as aerospace, typical complex curved parts represented by impellers and turbines must be processed by high-end five-axis linkage machine tools with high dynamics, high precision, and high response capabilities. For a long time, my country has relied heavily on imports of such high-end equipment. The main reason is that the development of such equipment requires first-class precision machine tool design and manufacturing technology, and close cooperation with cutting-edge numerical control technology. The formation of capabilities is extremely difficult.

Five-axis CNC machining is a multi-axis CNC machining method in which two rotary axes (any combination of A, B, and C axes) are added to the three basic linear coordinate axes (X, Y, Z). The linkage processing method of three linear axes and two rotary axes of a five-axis machine tool is called five-axis linkage processing; two rotary axes are rotated and positioned so that the tool presents a certain attitude and angle unchanged, and the three linear axes are linked , This processing method is called five-axis oriented processing.

The five-axis machining CNC machine tool can be classified into three forms: double turntable, double swing head and one turntable with one swing head according to the different movement modes of the rotating parts. The movement coordinates of a dual-turntable five-axis linkage machine tool include three linear coordinate axes X, Y, Z and two rotating coordinates B (A), C. This kind of structure is a kind of structure that is used in many small and medium-sized five-axis processing machine tools. Its advantage is that the rotating coordinate has enough stroke range and good manufacturability. It is suitable for the five-sided rough and fine milling processing of small and medium-sized parts. It can reduce the number of clamping during processing, and meet the requirements of high efficiency, high precision and high reliability.

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