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With gantry manipulator for automatic feed Motor shaft CNC cylindrical grinder

The CNC grinding machine with the traditional fixed center and the workpiece rotation driven by the headstock lever can realize the clamping and grinding of the outer circle of each gear at one time, but due to structural limitations, it needs to be turned back and ground. The single type and large batch of stepped motor shafts, It can still be applied. But with the changes in market demand, the motor shaft has different lengths, multiple varieties, multiple batches, and small batches. The headstock is changed to a rotary spindle headstock, and the drive center is configured at the same time, and the tailstock is changed to hydraulic Tailstock, and increase the stroke, can realize the clamping and processing of all outer circles at one time, eliminating the problem of slow rhythm and low efficiency in the traditional two clamping processing.

High efficiency, economical and automated production

MK1320 series and MK14, MK16 series CNC cylindrical grinders have an electromechanical integrated structure layout, which adopts work area protection or overall protection, which is convenient for maintenance and meets the requirements of ergonomics. Truss manipulator, lathe manipulator, grinder manipulator, punch manipulator;
The grinding wheel spindle system has high rotation accuracy and strong rigidity. The linear speed of the grinding wheel can reach 60m/s; the linear speed of the CBN grinding wheel can reach 80m/s.

Two-axis linkage feed, the worktable and grinding wheel frame are driven by AC servo-ball screw pair.
Various types of diamond dressing devices can be selected to realize precise CNC dressing and automatic compensation.
It is equipped with active measuring device to realize full closed-loop control of grinding processing.
The numerical control system has a full range of control functions such as program conversion of the grinding process, workpiece quality management, machine tool status monitoring, fault self-diagnosis and abnormal alarm, etc., and the menu interface is easy to enter.
The grinding wheel frame is equipped with a grinding wheel spindle for external grinding, and its bearing is a three-piece dynamic pressure bearing. The forward, backward and speed of the grinding wheel frame are controlled by the system and directly driven by the servo motor and the ball screw.
The wheel head can rotate, and the angle of rotation can be read on the scale plate.
MK1420 series grinder wheel holder uses a double-shaft motor. One end is connected to the main shaft of the grinding wheel by a V-ribbed belt and pulley, and the other end is connected to the main shaft of the internal grinding tool by a flat belt and pulley.
MK1320 series grinder wheel holder uses a single-shaft motor, which is connected to the main shaft of the grinding wheel via a poly-v belt and a pulley.

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