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Where can spark machines be used and what are their classifications

Spark machine is also an equipment, mainly used for EDM of some molds. Because of its high working efficiency and good effect, it is applicable to all metal materials. But it can also be divided into several types, and each type of spark machine is used in different places.

In fact, spark machining is mainly used to process molds and parts with complicated holes and cavities; Processing hard alloy, quenching steel and other hard and brittle materials; Machining deep holes, thin holes, special holes, deep grooves, narrow grooves and cutting thin plates;

There are several types of spark machines:
1. The fine hole discharge motor is also an electric spark machine, whose main purpose is to punch, that is, to punch holes in the mold.

2. Mirror spark machine is a spark machine that can handle mirror effect. The processed die can be directly used for production without saving the die. Save manpower and improve efficiency. In addition, the mirror spark machine has high precision, especially in the application of precision molds. The cost of imported mirror spark machine is high, less than 7.8 million yuan, less than 497 million yuan, while the rapid development of domestic mirror spark machine in recent years has exceeded the advanced level abroad.

3. Plastic processing machine is a common spark machine, mainly used for processing plastic molds. It is very common in China, inexpensive, and widely used.

4. CNC machine, three-axis CNC machine and CNC spark machine have various functions such as automatic model, automatic centering, automatic programming, G code programming, three-axis linkage discharge, etc.

5. There are also some special machines, such as graphite and tungsten steel machines.

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