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Factors influencing the price of Machining Centre

Whether it is domestic processing center, Taiwan processing center or import processing center, even if it is the same brand, the same model of processing center, there are also different in price. As a mechanical equipment company with 20 years of experience, Shanghai ANTS will answer the specific factors that affect the price of machining centers.

1.CNC system
The CNC system is equivalent to the brain of the machining center. All the work and programs of the machining center are completed by the CNC system. The main systems in the market are: Japan’s Fanuc, Japan’s Mitsubishi, and Germany’s Siemens.
Different CNC systems have different prices, compared with the domestic system, Taiwan system will costs about $1600-3200 dollars more, Mitsubishi system will costs about $6300-8000 dollars, Fanuc system will costs about $6300-12700 more, and the different versions of the CNC system will also lead to different prices.

Shanghai ANTS suggestion: when choosing a CNC system, you can choose based on the work piece conditions, use environment, processing technology, procurement budget and other factors. If the processing requirements are not high and the budget is limited, you can consider the domestic system or Taiwan system, is a more cost-effective choice.

The spindle is the core component of the entire machine tool, because it directly contacts the work piece through the tool, which plays a vital role in the final machining accuracy of the work piece.
The factors affecting the price of the spindle include transmission mode, speed, cooling system, etc, under normal circumstances, the spindle will be equipped with an oil-cooled or water-cooled cooling system,the most common transmission methods of spindles are belt drive and direct drive. Direct drive is suitable for high-speed, medium and light cutting.

3.Tool magazine
The tool change time of the tool magazine has an important impact on the efficiency of a machine tool. The economical vertical machining center is generally equipped with a bucket hat-type tool magazine, and the standard vertical machining center is equipped with a disc-type tool magazine.

4.Line rail and hard rail
The line rail has high speed and high precision, and is mainly used for light cutting, but the life of the line rail is shorter than hard rail. The speed of the hard rail is slow, but the rigidity is good, and it is resistant to impact. It is mainly used for heavy cutting and molds.
Most people will choose “two lines and one hard” when buying vertical machining center, that is, two line rails and one hard rail, which can not only improve the processing speed, but also increase the cutting force, which has a high cost performance.

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