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Which fields can precision machining be applied to?

In my country’s precision machining, which fields are precision machining applied to? Precision machining has high precision and high processing costs. It is mainly used in civilian and military fields such as national defense, medical equipment, aerospace, and electronic production. With the continuous development of the optimization and upgrading of my country’s industrial structure, the demand for mechanical parts processing is also increasing. Therefore, it is highly valued by the country; therefore, the country has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources in the development of precision machinery parts processing and training talents in our country.

Precision machining is a machining method with a machining accuracy of 1 micron. Precision machining is achieved in a specific strict environment, specified process regulations, using precision machine tools, precision measuring tools and measuring instruments. In recent years, most automobiles, mold parts, and metal processing have adopted CNC machine tools as the center of production. For hole processing, most of them also use machining centers, CNC processing machines and other equipment. High-speed and high-precision drilling has been put on the agenda. schedule. Regardless of the field of hole processing, achieving high precision and high speed is an important means of competition to obtain user orders. ANTISHI brand machine tools have many outstanding performances in the field of precision machining. Among them, CNC lathes have excellent performance in automobile manufacturing, mold production and other industries, and precision grinders are also used in medical devices, optical components and other fields.

Precision machinery manufacturing includes metal products, special equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, railways, ships, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing, instrumentation Manufacturing and so on. Precision machining technology has become the foundation of the current high-tech technical field, and improving the precision of ultra-precision machining has become an urgent problem.

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