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Features and applications of super-hard abrasive wheels in precision grinding

Precision grinding can be divided into ordinary grinding wheel precision grinding and super-hard grinding wheel precision grinding according to the different grinding wheel abrasives used.

Superabrasive grinding wheels currently mainly include diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels, and are used for precision grinding of difficult-to-machine materials.

The characteristics of superabrasive grinding wheel grinding

1. The super-hard abrasive wheel has the characteristics of good wear resistance, strong grinding ability and high durability. This feature is very helpful for controlling the processing size and realizing processing automation.

2. At the same time, the super-hard abrasive grinding wheel also has the characteristics of low grinding temperature, low grinding force, no burns, no cracks, good surface quality, and no change in structure. When using a diamond wheel to grind cemented carbide, the grinding force is only 1/4 to 1/5 of that of a green silicon carbide wheel.

3. High grinding efficiency is also one of the main characteristics of super-abrasive grinding wheels. This is because super-hard abrasives have sharp edges and high wear resistance, so they have a higher removal rate and grinding ratio. However, super-abrasive grinding wheels have more difficult dressing problems.

4. One of the most important characteristics of superabrasive grinding wheels is that the processing cost is relatively low. Although diamond grinding wheels and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels are more expensive, they have long service life, high processing efficiency, few working hours and low overall costs.

Application range of super abrasive grinding wheel

Super-hard abrasive grinding wheels can be used in non-metallic materials, processing various high-hardness and high-brittle metal materials, such as: gemstones, glass, ceramics, semiconductor materials, food materials, cemented carbide, heat-resistant alloy steel, copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and Its alloys and so on.

In addition to the above common features and application range, diamond grinding wheel grinding and cubic boron nitride grinding wheel grinding still have their own characteristics and application ranges. Diamond grinding wheel has strong grinding ability and high grinding efficiency. It has advantages in processing non-metallic hard and brittle materials, cemented carbide, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Due to the appearance of synthetic diamond and the maturity of the technology, the price It is also relatively cheap, so it is widely used.

However, because diamond is easy to produce chemical reaction and affinity with iron group elements, it is used for hard and tough steel materials with high high temperature hardness and low thermal conductivity, such as: heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium alloy, die steel, etc. The cubic boron nitride grinding wheel is better for grinding. Cubic boron nitride has better thermal stability and stronger chemical inertness than diamond. For example, the thermal stability of diamond is only 700 to 800 degrees Celsius, while cubic boron nitride can reach 1250 to 1350 degrees Celsius. It is not easy to interact with iron. It produces chemical reaction and affinity, and has high wear resistance when processing steel and metal. Although the current application of cubic boron nitride abrasives is not as good as diamond abrasives, and the price is more expensive, it is a very promising abrasive abrasive.

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