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Main components of the band saw system function

The system functions of the band sawing machine are mainly as follows: The electrical control system consists of an electric box, a control box, a junction box, a travel switch, an electromagnet and an electromagnet, which is used to control the rotation of the saw. The lifting and clamping of the blade and the saw beam allow for a normal cutting cycle. Features: Hydraulically controlled saw speed, adjustable without authorization. The cylinder is controlled and the power is soft. Beam equipment can be added according to customer requirements. Semi-automatic and CNC fully automatic options as required, sawing machine tilt.

The main components of the band sawing machine are the bottom seat; the bed, the column; the saw beam and the transmission mechanism; the guiding device; the workpiece clamping; the tensioning device; the feeding frame; the hydraulic transmission system; the electrical control system; the lubrication and cooling system;

Check electrical equipment, motors, cables, switches and lights before opening. To keep your sawing machine in good shape, you must maintain regular maintenance with your sawing machine. After the daily operation is completed, the iron head collected to the machine rotates the top belt and turns on the cooling water switch, and then uses the cooling water spray gun to clean the workbench. After the removal, the top ratio fell to a low.

The sliding band saw will be described in terms of lubrication of the saw. Check the amount of gear oil and the amount of oil chip and tank oil of the saw cutter. Keep each lubricating mechanism on a regular basis and gently keep the oil in the way without leaking.

When the hydraulic oil is below the red line, check if the hydraulic oil is above the red line. An appropriate amount of 32 semi-wear hydraulic oil must be added. Whether the coolant exceeds the red line, when the cooling water is lower than the red line, the corresponding coolant is required.

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