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What are the performance of the angle band saw?

Angle band sawing machine is mainly used for large steel, seamless steel pipes and various materials. The height is less than or equal to 500mm, and the width is less than or equal to 500mm at 45°. Annual continuous production It can only be used for sawing ferrous and non-ferrous materials, square materials and round materials after selecting the appropriate process parameters.

The angle band saw has the characteristics of high efficiency and semi-automatic, adopts the current advanced technology, reasonable and novel structural design, beautiful appearance, sufficient dynamic and static rigidity, good reliability, fast response speed, convenient operation and maintenance, and flexible operation. High stability, strong rigidity and other characteristics. If so, what is its nature?

1. The angle band saw can be rotated from 0° to 45°. The workpiece does not move, the entire machine rotates, and the bevel cut can be done at any angle between 0° and 45°. When the angle value is reached during table rotation, the rotation will stop. At this point, the braking device will brake to ensure the accuracy of the angle. The agreed rotation mode is driven by a hydraulic motor and a reducer, the angle position is determined by the reading of the magnetic scale head, the angle error is not greater than ±0.2°, and the rotation position is locked by the hydraulic cylinder, there are two. Clamping anchor point;

2. The reasonable saw belt guide device effectively prolongs the service life of the saw belt. The movable saw blade guide and the side crimping device move together, with stable structure and flexible movement. Transmission components are precisely balanced and calibrated to reduce vibration. Unique hydraulic system design ensures stable descending speed. During the sawing process, the saw belt will automatically lift a certain distance, and then cut again, this precision system can prevent abnormal situations. Damage the saw blade and achieve the ideal sawing effect;

3. The band saw blade adopts hydraulic tension, the saw blade maintains good tension when it moves quickly, which prolongs the service life of the saw blade, and the user can adjust the pressure according to the size of the steel. There is also a detection device when the saw blade is broken, if the saw blade is broken, the saw blade will automatically detect and stop.

4. When cutting H-beam, the contact sequence of the miter saw blade and the workpiece is as follows: single-sided wing plate – double-sided wing plate – web – double-sided wing plate – one-sided wing plate, automatic rotary encoder feedback and Look up.

5. The main drive adopts a high-power gear reducer with strong power and stable performance. After accurate balance correction, the work is stable and stable.

6. In order to prevent the workpiece from tilting when pressing the material, an upper pressure oil cylinder is placed in the frame of the main machine to compress the workpiece to the lower reference plane when pressing the workpiece.

7. The complete automation of feeding, clamping and cutting process is realized by using high-efficiency and energy-saving PLC through simple circuit design. Good space in the electrical box not only ensures a low failure rate of the machine, but also facilitates maintenance and saves time.

As can be seen from the above, the angle band saw is an efficient sawing equipment, the movable saw blade guide and the side pressure device move together, the structure is stable and the movement is flexible. Great savings in efficiency and time.


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