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Flat Bed Horizontal CNC Turning Center Lathe Machine

CK6160 Precision Horizontal Flat Metal Automatic CNC Lathe:
Main performance features:
Widened high stability bed
Two-speed spindle speed, infinitely variable
wider laminate
Integrated automatic lubrication system

This machine is suitable for processing various small and medium shaft and plate workpieces, and can also turn various threads, arcs, cones, and inner and outer surfaces of rotation. This machine is widely used in hygiene, value, electrical appliances, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles, bearings, etc.

Specifications Units CK6160
Max.swing over bed mm 600
Max.processing length mm 750/1000/1500/2000/3000
Spindle taper MT6(Ø90 1:20 for B)[Ø113 1:20 for C]
Chuck size mm C6(D8)[D8]
Spindle bore mm 52(80 for B)[105 for C]
Spindle speed 3 steps (auto change gear) rpm Independent spindle:100-1600
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 150
Tailstock sleeve taper MT5
Position accuracy mm ±0.015
Repositioning accuracy mm ±0.006
X/Z axis rapid traverse m/min 4/6
Spindle motor kw 11
Machine dimension for 750 mm 2550x1550x1900
Machine dimension for 1000 mm 2750x1550x1900
Machine dimension for 1500 mm 3250x1550x1900
Machine dimension for 2000 mm 3700x1550x1900
Machine dimension for 3000 mm 4710x1550x1900
Machine weight for 750 kg 2300/2900
Machine weight for 1000 kg 2450/3050
Machine weight for 1500 kg 2650/3250
Machine weight for 2000 kg 2880/3450
Machine weight for 3000 kg 3700/4300


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