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Basic operation of precision surface grinder

1. The fine surface grinder carefully implements the relevant rules of the “General Operating Regulations for Metal Cutting Machine Tools”.

2. Carefully implement the following general rules related to grinders

(1) It is necessary for the new grinding wheel of the equipment to:

1. Check the new grinding wheel carefully, and strictly stop using it if there are cracks or scars.

2. The new grinding wheel should pass two careful static balances, that is, before the equipment, install the spindle and correct it with diamond and then remove the balance again.

3. For new grinding wheel equipment, a 0.5~2mm paper pad should be lined between the grinding wheel and the flange. Flange screws should be tightened evenly, but do not overtighten to avoid crushing the grinding wheel.

4. After the new grinding wheel equipment is completed, run it for no less than 5 minutes at the operating speed, and the equipment can be operated properly after it is recognized that it is running normally.

(2) Check that the grinding wheel and the grinding wheel cover are intact before operation, and the equipment should be correct and fastened reliably. Machine tools without a wheel cover must not be operated.

(3) Carefully do in the homework:

1. Before starting the grinding wheel each time, the hydraulic opening and stopping should be placed in the stop position, the adjustment handle should be placed in the lowest speed position, and the wheel seat rapid feed handle should be placed in the backward position to avoid accidents.

2. Before starting the grinding wheel each time, the smooth pump or the oil pump of the static pressure oil supply system should be started. After the grinding wheel spindle is smooth and normal, the mercury switch is lifted, or the static pressure reaches the planned value, the grinding wheel can be started after the spindle floats. Turn.

3. At the beginning of grinding, the hourly feed should be small and the cutting speed should be slower to avoid the grinding wheel from breaking due to cold and brittleness, especially when the temperature is low in winter.

4. When the grinding wheel is quickly introduced into the workpiece, motorized feeding is prohibited, and no big knife is allowed to enter. Pay attention to the outstanding edges and corners of the workpiece to avoid bumps.

5. When the temperature of the grinding wheel spindle exceeds 60°C, it is necessary to stop the machine, and work after the temperature returns to normal.

6. It is forbidden to use the grinding wheel of a grinder as a general grinder to grind things.

(4) In machine tools using coolant, the cooling pump should be turned off after operation, and the grinding wheel should be idling for a few minutes to shake off the coolant before stopping the grinding wheel reversal.

3. Carefully implement the following special rules about grinders.

(1) Centerless grinder:

1. The orientation of the supporting plate and the supporting plate equipment of the grinding workpiece should be able to satisfy the requirements of grinding the workpiece. Avoid accidents caused by inappropriateness.

2. It is forbidden to grind curved or unmachined workpieces. The machining allowance of the workpiece shall not exceed 0.3 mm.

3. When using the maximum speed to correct the guide wheel, the change gear should be disengaged to avoid damage to the helical gear; when using the normal speed to correct the guide wheel, the helical gear should be disengaged and the change gear should be hooked up.

(2) Outer circle grinder, end grinder, crankshaft and camshaft grinder:

1. Before grinding, the distance between the grinding wheel and the workpiece should be adjusted to avoid the grinding wheel colliding with the workpiece when the grinding wheel seat is quickly introduced.

2. The machining allowance of the workpiece is generally prohibited to exceed 0.3 mm. It is forbidden to grind workpieces that have not been machined.

3. When grinding workpieces with splines, keyways and oblate surfaces, the feed rate should be small and the grinding speed should not be too fast to avoid occurrence and collision.

4. When correcting the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel seat should be quickly introduced before the correction operation of the grinding wheel.

(3) Internal grinder: Before starting the grinding wheel, the reversing handle must be placed in the position to make the grinding wheel separate from the workpiece to avoid accidents.

(4) Surface grinder:

1. Before operation, you must switch on the magnetic disk switch, check that the suction force of the magnetic disk should meet the requirements, and check that the interlocking equipment of the magnetic disk and the grinding wheel should be reliable and easy to use.

2. When placing the workpiece, the magnetic disk must be wiped clean. For workpieces with high grinding or small bottom area, a block of appropriate height must be added (generally 3~5 mm below the workpiece) and the workpiece should be pulled to check whether it is firmly sucked.

3. It is forbidden to grind thin iron plates. It is forbidden to grind the end face of the workpiece with the end face of the grinding wheel on the grinding machine without end face grinding structure.

(5) Huajian Shaft Grinding Machine: After the workpiece equipment is complete, check whether the indexing and the length of the two ends of the grinding wheel beyond the keyway meet the requirements, and the operation can be performed after the outstanding performance is recognized.

(6) 3A64 tool grinder: the wheel speed should be selected according to the diameter of the grinding wheel before operation: when the diameter of the wheel is greater than 100 mm, the speed should be 3800 rpm; when the diameter of the wheel is less than 100 mm, the speed should be 5700 rpm.

(7) Milling cutter head grinder: The milling cutter head equipment is good. After the grinding wheel is aligned with the cutter head blade, run it for one week to check whether the indexing meets the requirements. Only after it is confirmed that it is correct, the operation can be performed.

(8) Connecting knife edge grinder:

1. When grinding and broaching, it is necessary to grind from the center. After the center is ground, install the center frame, and then grind the remaining teeth.

2. When grinding, the longitudinal displacement of the wheel holder should be clamped.

(9) Circular saw blade sharpening machine: According to the number of teeth and tooth height of the saw blade, after adjusting the stroke of the hanging wheel and the grinding wheel, use the hand to pull the pulley to check whether the grinding wheel and the saw teeth are bumping.

(10) Hob sharpening:

1. Before operation, start the indexing motor to check whether the indexing meets the requirements.

2. The hob halves must be the same as the indexing plate, the change wheel must be consistent with the change wheel table, and the lead ruler must be the same as the hob lead. The operation can only be started after trial grinding.

(11) MM50120 rail grinder:

1. The new grinding wheel that has passed the static balance must pass the breaking test. During the experiment, increase the speed by 25-50% of the extra speed for 15-20 minutes.

2. Manual or motorized lifting of the frame is forbidden before the oil pressure balance of the frame is opened.

3. Do not drive when the fuel tank of the reciprocating platform is lower than the additional capacity indicated on the fuel standard to avoid a large amount of air entering the oil system.

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