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Function of vertical drilling machine

Before the vertical drilling machine is processed, the position of the workpiece on the worktable must be adjusted first, so that the center line of the processed hole is aligned with the tool axis. During processing, the workpiece is fixed and the spindle rotates in the sleeve and feeds axially together with the sleeve. The position of the worktable and the headstock can be adjusted along the column guide rail to adapt to workpieces of different heights.

Vertical drilling machine A drilling machine with a vertical arrangement of spindles and a fixed center position, referred to as a vertical drill. It is often used in machinery manufacturing and repair factories to process holes for small and medium-sized workpieces.

Vertical drilling machine, as a kind of drilling machine, is also a relatively common metal cutting machine tool, which has the characteristics of wide application and high precision. Suitable for batch processing.

The vertical drilling machine can feed automatically, and its power and mechanical strength allow the use of higher cutting consumption. Therefore, the use of this drilling machine can obtain higher labor productivity and higher processing accuracy. The spindle speed of the vertical drilling machine , The feed rate has a relatively large range of variation, which can be adapted to the processing of different material tools on different material workpieces. And it can meet the needs of various processes such as drilling, countersinking, reaming, tapping, etc. A set of multi-axis transmission heads are installed on the vertical drilling machine, which can drill dozens of holes at a time and can be used as a special machine tool for mass production.

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