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Advantages of CNC grinders

The CNC grinder can process materials with higher hardness, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide, etc.; it can also process brittle materials, such as glass and granite. The grinder can perform high-precision and small surface roughness grinding, and can also perform high-efficiency grinding, such as powerful grinding.

The advantages of CNC grinders are as follows:

1. It is suitable for the processing of complex and special-shaped parts.

2. Realize computer control and eliminate human error.

3. Accuracy compensation and optimized control can be realized through computer software.

4. Machining centers, turning centers, grinding centers, electrical machining centers, etc. have tool magazine and tool change functions, reducing the number of clamping times and improving machining accuracy.

5. CNC machine tools add flexibility to machining equipment. Flexible machining is not only suitable for multi-variety, medium and small batch production, but also suitable for mass production. It can alternately complete the processing of two or more different parts. It adds the function of automatically changing workpieces and can realize unattended operation at night. The flexible manufacturing system (FMS) composed of several CNC machine tools (machining centers) has a more flexible automated manufacturing system, including processing, assembly, and inspection.

Cylindrical Grinding
FX27P-60CNC high precision straight-in cylindrical grinding machine
FX32P-100CNC High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinder
FX27-60High Precision Traditional Cylindrical Grinder

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