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Grinding Method of Cylindrical Grinding Machine

The methods of cylindrical grinding are mainly longitudinal grinding method and plunge grinding method

Longitudinal grinding method

The longitudinal grinding method of the Cylindrical Grinding Machine is a commonly used grinding method. During grinding, the worktable is fed longitudinally and the grinding wheel is fed periodically.

The characteristics of longitudinal grinding method (referred to as longitudinal method):

1.Over the entire width of the grinding wheel, the working conditions of the abrasive particles are different, and the sharp corners of the left end face (or right end face) of the grinding wheel bear the main cutting effect, part of the grinding allowance of the work piece is removed by the abrasive grains at the sharp corners of the grinding wheel, most of the abrasive grains on the width of the grinding wheel are responsible for reducing the surface roughness value of the work piece.
2.Longitudinal grinding method has small grinding force and good heat dissipation conditions, and can obtain high machining accuracy and small surface roughness value.
3.low labor productivity.
4.Low grinding force, suitable for grinding slender, precision or thin-walled work pieces

Plunge grinding method

Plunge grinding is also known as lateral grinding. The length of the outer circle of the work piece to be ground should be less than the width of the grinding wheel. During grinding, the grinding wheel performs continuous or intermittent lateral feed motion until all the allowance is removed.

There is no longitudinal feed movement when grinding the grinding wheel. A higher cut-in speed can be used during rough grinding, and a lower cut-in speed during fine grinding to prevent work piece burns and thermal deformation.

The characteristics of the plunge grinding method (referred to as the plunge method):

1.The working conditions of the abrasive grains are the same over the entire width of the grinding wheel, and the grinding effect of all abrasive grains is fully utilized. At the same time, the continuous lateral feed shortens the basic grinding time, so there is a high production efficiency.
2.The radial grinding force is large, and the work piece is prone to bending deformation, which is generally not suitable for grinding finer work pieces.
3.Large grinding heat is generated during grinding, and the work piece is easily burned and deformed by heat.
4.The morphology of the grinding wheel surface (dressing marks) will be copied to the work piece surface and affect the surface roughness of the work piece. In order to eliminate the above defects, a small longitudinal movement can be made at the end of the cutting method.
5.Due to the limitation of the width of the grinding wheel, the plunge method is only suitable for grinding the outer surface with a short length.

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