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Z5140 Vertical Drilling Machine

Product description:

1.This vertical drilling machine is universal type machine tool. This machine is suitable for drilling, reaming, milling, drilling, boring, tapping countersunk hole etc.. Automatic reverse feed spindle tapping and fretting, for blind and deep hole is very convenient. Widely used in machinery manufacturing, workshop production and construction processing, etc..

2.This machine tool has the advantages of high efficiency, good rigidity, high precision, low noise, wide speed range, high speed operation, novel appearance, convenient maintenance and so on.

Product main technical specifications

Specifications Z5140
Max drilling dia 40mm
Spindle taper MT4
Spindle stroke 250mm
Headstock travel(manual) 200mm
Spindle speeds 31.5-1400r/min 12 steps
Feed range 0.056-1.80mm/r 9 steps
Table size 560x480mm
Table vertical travel 300mm
Max.distance spindle nose to table 750mm
Main motor power 3kw
Overall dimension 1090*905*2465mm
N/W 1300kg

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