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Grinding wheel for surface grinder

How to adjust the static balance of the grinding wheel of the surface grinder of the CNC surface grinder manufacturer

When the grinding machine is in operation, vibration is often caused by the imbalance of the grinding wheel, especially the high-speed rotating grinding wheel. If you do not try to eliminate this phenomenon, it will affect the surface quality of the workpiece to be ground and the life of the machine tool. Therefore, the grinding wheel is statically balanced during the grinding process.

1. The balance frame should be debugged well

2. Install the grinding wheel on the balance shaft and place it on the balance frame to allow it to rotate freely. When you stop, mark the flange of the grinding wheel with chalk.

3. Add the balance weight in a light position, and then rotate the grinding wheel 90 degrees. If the grinding wheel comes back, it means that the two forces of the grinding wheel are not balanced, continue to add the balance weight (gradually increase). The vertical grinding wheel can be stopped by rotating 90 degrees up, down, left, and right. A slight swing is not a problem, and you can stop by quickly tapping the grinding wheel with your finger.

Why flat grinding wheel?

The purpose of static balance of the grinding wheel is to ensure that the grinding wheel is balanced when it is working. When the grinding machine is grinding, the grinding wheel is rotating at a high speed. If the grinding wheel is not statically balanced, the machine will vibrate and the machine cannot run smoothly. Furthermore, the accuracy of the machine tool and the finish of the ground workpiece will have an unfavorable effect. Therefore, whether it is a flat grinding machine or a cylindrical grinding machine, the grinding wheel must be statically balanced.

Surface Grinder

How to flatten the grinding wheel?

1. Before assembling the grinding wheel, check the surface of the grinding wheel carefully to see if there are any defects such as seams and cracks. When tightening, tighten the bolts gradually. When the grinding wheel rotates under the coolant, tighten the bolts again.

2. The grinding wheel can be installed on the spindle of the grinding head after static balance, otherwise it will cause the spindle to vibrate and not get a good rough surface.

3. Grinding wheel balance method

(1) Find the grinding wheel A

(2) Make a mark B at the corresponding point on the same diameter of point A

(3) Participate in the balance weight C, so that the positions of points A and B remain unchanged.

(4) Participate in the balance weights D and E again, and keep the positions of points A and B unchanged. If there is any change, you can adjust D and E up and down to restore the two points A and B to the original position. At this moment, the left and right sides of the grinding wheel are balanced.

(5) Roll the grinding wheel 90 degrees. If it is unbalanced, move D and E to point A or B together until point A and B are balanced.

(6) This adjustment makes the grinding wheel stable in any position, and the grinding wheel is balanced.

4: Surface grinder hydraulic equipment

The surface grinder uses hydraulic oil with a viscosity of No. 46.

The hydraulic oil needs to be replaced after the new machine is used for three months, and then once a year in the future, and the oil tank must be cleaned together.

Check the hydraulic oil level every day and ensure that the oil level is between the low and high lines.

Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow control lever (if equipped) is in the closed position.

The magnetic attraction must be turned on first and then the hydraulic pressure must be turned on

5: Surface grinder lubrication equipment

The lubricating oil uses rail lubricating oil with a viscosity of No. 32-46.

Check the oil volume of the oil tank (pool) every day to ensure that it is above the offline.

Check whether the guide rail oil circuit is unblocked every week to prevent the guide rail from losing oil.

It is recommended to clean the fuel tank every three months.

Lubricating grease should be filled regularly according to the regulations.

6: Left and right organization of surface grinder

It is forbidden to adjust the left and right strokes when the workbench is moving.

When the timing belt of the workbench becomes loose, it should be adjusted immediately. (This article applies to manual models)

7: Surface grinder flushing and dust collection equipment

The dust box filter must be cleaned every two weeks.

The cold water tank must be cleaned once a month.

It is forbidden to use an air gun to clean the surface grinder.

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