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VMC1060 Series Machining Center


high rigidity, high accuracy, high speed, high efficiency, high reliability and large torque. They have a wide working range.

These machines are used in automotive, motorcycle, manufacturing, sewing machine, motor and instrument industries for milling, drilling, counterboring, boring, tapping and countersinking valve-type, cam, dies/molds and plate/disk type workpieces. They are especially suitable for all sorts of complex 2D/3D convex/concave molds and complex ID/OD surfaces. They can be used for medium/small batch multi-work production or be linked into an auto line for large batch production.

Using these machines can save manufacturing equipment, shorten production cycle, guarantee machining accuracy and increase productivity.

VMC1060B:Rectangular hardened sliding guideways of 3-axes.

VMC1060L:Linear guideways are used in X and Y axes while rectangular hardened sliding guideways in Z-axes.

VMC1060H:Linear roller ways and silence lead screws from famous makers are used for X, Y and Z axes.

Spec. Unit VMC1060B VMC1060L VMC1060H
Work table Dim. of table(W×L) mm 600×1300 500×1050 600×1300
T-slot (num.-size × space) mm 5-18×120 5-18×100 5-18×120
Permissible load kg 800 600 1000
Spindle Spindle taper hole / ISO 40
Power of main motor (cont./15min overload) kW 7.5/11
Top speed of spindle r/min 8000 8000 12000
Travel X-axis right and left travel mm 1000 800 1000
Y-axis back and forth travel mm 600 600 600
Z-axis up and down travel mm 600 600 600
Distance of spindle nose to table face mm 180-780 80-680 80-680
Distance of spindle center to column way mm 655
Feed X/Y-axis rapid traverse m/min 16 24 36
Z-axis rapid traverse m/min 12 15 32
Max. cutting federate mm/min 10000
Magazine Capacity of magazine pcs 16/20/24 16/20/24 24
Max. tool weight kg 8
Accuracy Repeatability (JIS) mm ±0.008
Positioning accuracy (JIS) mm ±0.003
Others Air source L/min 250
Air pressure MPa 0.6
Gross weight of machine kg 9000 8500 7500
Net weight of machine kg 8500 8000 7000
Dimensions of machine (L×W×H) mm 3200x2900x2800 3200x2800x2800 3200x2750x3200

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