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VMC600 machining center x stroke size

VMC600 machining center x stroke size is good due to rigidity and shock resistance. And easy to realize fast and efficient processing.
High-speed, the machine tool spindle adopts an electric spindle structure or a direct-connected spindle structure, with a speed of 20,000 rpm and an internal two-speed transmission, which can meet the requirements of low-speed cutting while meeting the requirements of high-speed processing; the machine tool has a compact structure and a small footprint;
The column combined with the carriage realizes X/Z movement, which makes the machine easy to connect. The X, Y, and Z coordinate guides adopt high-rigidity linear rolling guides, and the machine tool adopts a hydraulic tool changing mechanism (tool changing time: 2.5 seconds). How big is the x stroke of the VMC600 machining center? The official parameters are generally 600/450/450 for the x/y/z axis stroke and the working table is 900*450.

VMC600 machining center x stroke key technical indicators:
The high-speed electric spindle with internal two-speed transmission is adopted to ensure the high and low-speed processing performance and high-speed processing of the machine tool;
X-direction moving column structure, easy to realize high-speed movement;
The chain tool magazine is applied horizontally, and the tool change speed of the cam structure is fast and accurate;
The machine tool’s rapid traverse speed of 45m/min shortens the processing time and improves the processing efficiency.

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