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How to grind stainless steel workpieces on a surface grinder

Generally, stainless steel workpieces can’t be absorbed. If you can’t suck or suck tightly, you can find a few ordinary iron plates to block around the stainless steel to be ground. The first thing to do is to block it in front to avoid moving the stainless steel workpiece during grinding. . To grind stainless steel materials, you can use ordinary white steel jade grinding wheels. However, the feed should not be too large. You can feed in a few less wires and grind more times. It is best to cool the stainless steel surface sufficiently with a water mill to avoid burning. When grinding the surface, do not grind to the size at one time, you can turn the surface several times, so that the surface of the ground part will be very smooth and flat.

Because stainless steel is anti-magnetic and cannot be magnetically attracted, it cannot be ground directly on a flat workbench. Even if the baffle is used, it will be warped during the grinding process. Therefore, the ground is not smooth without pressure. It is best to add process clamping holes or other process pressing methods before grinding, otherwise problems will definitely exist. The grain size of the grinding wheel for grinding stainless steel is as high as possible, and the amount is as small as possible, otherwise, the surface quality of the grinding is very poor. The special tool of the grinder can also be used to clamp the workpiece to grind, so that the position of the workpiece can be fixed.

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