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Safety matters needing attention when operating metal band sawing machines

The sawing machine must pay attention to safety when using it. Before using the equipment, you must read the instructions carefully, keep the precautions in mind, and keep a high degree of concentration during operation.

1. Metal band sawing machine operators and maintenance personnel must undergo professional training to master metal band sawing machine operation and maintenance skills. Operators should ensure adequate sleep and stay focused.

2. When shifting, you must first stop and then open the protective cover, turn the handle to loosen the belt, place the V-belt in the groove of the required speed, then tighten the belt and cover the protective cover.

3. The adjustment of the wire brush for chip removal should make the wire contact the teeth of the band saw blade, but do not exceed the root of the teeth. Pay attention to observe whether the wire brush can remove the iron chips.

4. Adjust the guide arm along the dovetail guide rail according to the size of the work piece to be processed. After the adjustment, the guide device must be locked.

5. The maximum diameter of the saw material must not exceed the regulations, and the work piece must be firmly clamped.

6. The band saw blade should be tight and the speed and feed must be appropriate.

7. Cast iron, copper and aluminum parts do not need to add cutting fluid, others need to add cutting fluid.

8. The saw blade breaks during cutting. After replacing the new saw blade, the work piece must be turned over and re-sawed. The saw bow should be lowered slowly without impact.

9. During the cutting process, the operator is strictly forbidden to leave the post, and it is strictly forbidden to operate with gloves.

10. At the end of each shift, the power supply must be cut off, the protective cover must be opened, the chips brought into the saw wheel must be removed, and daily maintenance and surrounding cleaning must be done.

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