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How Can Buyers Use Circular Saws Safely?

Nowadays, in order to meet the needs of the social market, many band sawing machine manufacturers have launched various types of circular sawing machines, which are specially designed for cutting aluminum profiles. Their stable performance and accurate angle are favored by purchasing companies. Even the best quality circular saw should pay attention to safe and standardized operation. Today ANTISHI will share with you how to operate the circular saw safely:

1. Careful inspection before use

Circular saw machine, as a smooth and precise cutting machine, must be carefully checked before starting up to avoid misoperation or load operation of the machine. Purchasing companies should first check the power supply and voltage of the circular saw machine before starting the machine to ensure that the power supply and voltage are running normally; secondly, they should check the rotation of the circular saw machine motor and the forward and reverse rotation of the oil pump, and deal with the steering error in time. Check the protective devices, safety doors, electromagnetic switches and buttons of the machine to ensure their normal operation; finally, check the saw blade cover of the high-speed circular saw to ensure that it has been locked to avoid accidents.

2. Purchasing enterprises should standardize the use of saw blades

The saw blade is the core of the operation of every circular saw machine. Misuse will cause problems between the saw blade and the circular saw machine. First of all, when installing the saw blade of the circular saw, the operator should pay attention to clean up the slag in the fixture part, and pay attention to the direction of rotation before fixing the saw blade; secondly, when the machine starts or stops cutting, do not feed the knife Too fast, otherwise it may cause the saw blade to break or break; finally, the operator should make full use of cutting oil for auxiliary cutting so as to run the machine more efficiently; in addition, to choose the correct circular saw blade, avoid mix. In addition, the operator also needs to always pay attention to check the air pressure, the clamping clamp and the hydraulic oil level and the coolant level of the water tank to ensure that it operates normally and works smoothly. The safe and standardized use of the circular saw can effectively improve the service life of the machine.

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