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How to drill holes on stainless steel plates with CNC EDM Drilling Machine?

The CNC EDM Drilling Machine is suitable for processing hard materials with conductive properties, using copper tubes to make continuous vertical movements up and down. The processing diameter is usually in the range of 0.10~3.0mm. EDM drilling machines can be used in the tool and mold manufacturing industry, aviation and aerospace industry, machine tool manufacturing, glass industry, automotive manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The main applications can be initial drilling, nozzle holes, exhaust holes, cooling holes for plastic tools, and vacuum holes for turbine shovels. The following is introduced to you by  Shanghai ANTISHICNC engineers:

As shown in the picture, the following is the customer’s description of the processing: The plate has 2256 small holes with a diameter of 0.76+0.08mm. The surface hole positioning tolerance is +0.125mm. The hole is at an angle of 90 degrees and 30 degrees to the workpiece surface. There is a zero angle on the horizontal plane. The mark “1.5*” indicates the thickness of the sheet from which the workpiece is made. The markings “0.6” and “0.4” indicate deviations from parallelism to flat surfaces and workpiece side walls.

Based on the above requirements of the customer, Shanghai ANTISHICNC engineers matched the DZ703 CNC drilling machine for the customer. The modified machine can ensure the high precision of the hole diameter, the verticality and cylindricity of the hole, as well as the absence of burrs and deviation. The hardened steel can also be processed by EDM, which can avoid the quenching deformation of the traditional plate that is punched first and then quenched. Even difficult-to-cut materials such as tungsten, titanium, Inconel, nickel-based alloys, stainless steel alloys and molybdenum can be machined. Using Shanghai ANTISHICNC EDM machine tools, the entire process is accurately controllable without the need to set the precise penetration depth in advance.

Items Machine tool specifications DZ703








X/Y axis travel 400×300mm
Z-axis travel 300mm
Secondary stroke of spindle 360mm
Table size 420X320mm
Load bearing of workbench 200kg
Overall dimension 1300X1200X1800mm
Electrode clamping diameter range Ø0.3 – Ø3.0mm
Operating Weight 700kg
Working fluid Tap water/distilled water
Working fluid tank capacity 45L



Processing index

Processing depth 0-300mm
Maximum depth diameter ratio 300:1
Maximum processing speed 60mm/min
Maximum processing current 30A
Maximum power consumption 3.6KVA
Working pressure 8 Mpa
Power input mode 380/50 V/HZ










X/Y axis control Grating ruler DRO
Z-axis control Subdivision stepping motor control
Secondary stroke control mode AC reduction motor control
Digital display 3-axis DRO
Filtering method Replaceable gap type
Water pump Special plunger pump
Ball screw Taiwan,China
Linear guide rail Taiwan,China
Guide plate Taiwan,China
Motor rotating head Taiwan (tungsten steel material)
Transformer 3.6KW enhanced
Resistance 300W super large non-inductive resistor

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