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Assembling and disassembling method of bearing grinding head of internal grinding machine and adjusting method of clearance

Active measurement during processing is often used in grinding and honing processing, mainly including active measurement of axis measurement, hole measurement and matching grinding.

① Active axis measurement There are two three-point active measuring instruments for axis measurement, which are often used on ordinary cylindrical grinders. When measuring, the measuring caliper of the three-point active measuring instrument suspended on the grinding wheel cover of the cylindrical grinder is clamped on the workpiece by hand, and the dimensional change of the workpiece during the grinding process is converted into an electric signal by the length sensor through the relay measuring rod.

② There are two point type and plug gauge type for active measurement of borehole. The two-point type is often used on internal grinders, and the measurement process is the same as that of shaft measurement. The plug gauge type is often used in honing and small hole grinding. Its measuring process is basically the same as the hole measuring process with plug gauge (see gauge) and pneumatic plug gauge (see pneumatic measuring instrument), but it has the function of automatically displaying and outputting the measured size signal.

③ Active measurement of matching grinding is used to control the matching clearance between shaft hole and matching workpiece, such as the fuel injection nozzle of diesel engine oil pump and so on. To

Active measurement after processing is mainly used on processing equipment such as centerless grinders, boring machines, and precision lathes. Automatic measurement is performed immediately after the workpiece is processed. When the size change of the workpiece reaches the warning limit of the tolerance zone (see tolerance) due to cutting tools such as grinding wheel, boring tool, turning tool, or other reasons, the control indicator will send out a compensation signal, and the automatic compensation mechanism will compensate the feed to make the workpiece deviate. Does not exceed the tolerance zone. In the 1970s, an automatic statistical analyzer appeared, which was combined with a length sensor for active measurement after processing. It has the functions of eliminating gross errors and quickly performing a variety of calculations and analyses, such as calculating standard deviations and limit errors, etc., so it can send out control signals that conform to statistical laws in time
How to adjust the gap

The two ends of the grinding head of the internal grinding 2110 are installed with 36208 bearings.
There are 2 bearings at both ends, both of which are the outer ring of the bearing with the large surface outwards and the small surface inward.
Remember not to confuse the gasket between the two bearings.
Fill the 4 bearings with white grease before installation.
Put the outer jacket of the grinding head aside. Stand the inner shaft on a wooden board,
Rush up the end that presses the grinding wheel, and then press a bearing first,

Remember to rush outside and tap the inner ring of the bearing on time.
Push it all the way to the end, press the washer and press the other bearing on the outside in the same way, and then press the preparation wire. Next, take the cover of the grinding head and stand it up.
Put the inner shaft with one end bearing into the jacket, remember not to hit it with a hammer.

It must be put in. After pressing all this, flush the end of the bearing, put it on the wooden board, and put the spring at the back in (see if the spring is the same height, it must be the same height).

Then use the method of pressing the front and pressing the back. Generally speaking, the installation is in place,

There should be no problem with the gap. The gap is related to the height of the spring and the elastic force.

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