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How can the middle wire cutting machine get the ideal finish

The following measures will improve the finish to a certain extent:

1. Properly reduce the pulse width and peak current, that is, reduce the size of etch pits.

2. The guide wheel and bearing maintain good accuracy and stability of operation, reduce wire chatter and wire jump, and reduce the linear displacement of wire movement track.

3. Molybdenum wire maintains proper tension, and the guide pulley and power feed block are adjusted so that the tension in the working area remains unchanged when the wire goes up and down.

4. The wire should not be too tight, and the water should not be too new. The new water is definitely beneficial to the cutting efficiency, but the cutting finish is not as good as the new water.

5. Add a clamping plate on the upper and lower sides of the work-piece that is too thin, so that the reversing stripe is buffered within the clamping plate range.

6. It is also very important for XY to move stably, accurately, with good follow-up fidelity and no block crawling.

7. Keep stable and loose frequency conversion tracking.

8. Re cutting or multiple cutting with appropriate allowance. When the cutting amount is very small, scanning the cutting surface will have a beneficial effect on the dimensional accuracy and finish. Three times of scanning will basically remove the reversing stripe. As long as the machine tool has a high repeated positioning accuracy, and the appropriate allowance is used for progressive multiple processing, the cutting surface finish will be improved by one to two orders of magnitude. The effect is similar to that of slow wire walking, and the time consumption is not too much, This is one of the advantages of medium wire cutting machine tools. Short wires can be used properly for thicker workpieces, and the feed rate for one reversing is less than half of the wire diameter, which also covers the reversing stripes.

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