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Matters needing attention in machining operations of Machining Centre

The matters needing to be attention in the operation of processing molds in Shanghai ANTS machining center are:

1.When operating the planing machine , do not extend your head and hands to the front of the machine for inspection, do not use cotton threads to clean the work piece and parts of the rotating machine, and the front of the machine is not stable and does not measure the work piece.

2.The operating mechanism, automatic stop device, and brake clutch must be in normal state.

3.For crack inspection of mold, and inspection of lubrication system.

4.It is strictly forbidden to place objects such as hands and tools in the dangerous area. You must use specific tools to operate small parts. When the mold is stuck in the target, you need to use tools to take it out.

5.Each time the work piece is completed, hands or feet should leave the buttons or pedals to prevent malfunctions. When two or more people are operating, pay attention to coordination.

6.Gloves are not allowed when operating the drill, girls must wear a hard hat and must use the protective cover.

7.When drilling, it must be placed on the underside of the work piece and must be changed to manual feed when approaching the hole.

8.When operating the lathe, the work piece must be clamped firmly and the collet must be moved by hand to ensure that there is no collision before driving. No movement is allowed while the axis is running, it cannot suddenly change direction and use the reverse brake when the tool is not leaving the work piece.

9.When operating routers, changing and measuring work pieces, it is necessary to stop loading and unloading work pieces, tools, and other settings.

10.When cutting, the head and hand should not be close to the milling surface, when removing the work piece, the tool must be removed.

11.When operating the grinder, the front of the wheel cannot stand, it must stand on the side of the wheel.

12.When loading and unloading work pieces, the wheels must be retracted to a safe position to prevent grinding.

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