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How to choose a surface grinder

Surface grinders are widely used. There are many brands on the market. According to the processing accuracy, there are general surface grinders, precision surface grinders, high-precision surface grinders, ultra-precision surface grinders, etc. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a surface grinder?

1. Look at the equipment: Because any surface grinder is composed of several parts, if you want a surface grinder to have good quality and high processing accuracy, the quality of the key parts must be excellent, so that all parts can be combined to achieve processing stability and High precision.

2. Regarding workmanship: larger companies have severe requirements for the appearance and function of the equipment, and have very severe processes. A good surface grinder is very sophisticated in terms of painting, parts processing, circuit planning, oil circuit orientation, and accessory equipment. It looks very beautiful, and it is very user-friendly and smooth to operate. Assuming that the conditions are agreed, the buyer can go to the equipment factory to personally see the equipment or plan. Seeing is believing.

3. Look at the plan: compare the specific plan to the customer when the company is in charge, including the components of the grinder, the processing power of the workpiece, the process, the delivery cycle, the logistics method, the after-sales terms of validity, etc., and the plan can be used as a contract. Part.

4. Look at effectiveness: Everyone has colds and colds, not to mention the equipment, the later effectiveness is very important, especially for the special professional equipment purchased, and the customer needs to see whether the grinder manufacturer has localized effectiveness if there is no maintenance worker. Talent.

5. Cost-effective: It is not that the more expensive the price you buy, the better, nor the cheaper the better. The user should choose a surface grinder with the appropriate precision according to the situation of the workpiece to be processed. After understanding the function of the grinder, it is best to let the grinder manufacturer Supply proofing and purchase the equipment after satisfying the demand.

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