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VMC machine center

Vertical machining center is a new generation of slide rail series vertical machining center developed and produced by our company. This machine tool is widely used in the processing of box parts, shell parts, disc parts, and special-shaped parts in the automobile, mold, machinery manufacturing and other industries, multi-process processing of reaming and tapping.

The vertical machining center is a new generation of sliding rail series vertical machining center developed and produced by our company, the parts can automatically complete the multi-process processing of milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming and tapping on four surfaces after one clamping.

The main performance and characteristics of the machine tool
1. The base of the machine tool, the column, the spindle box, the cross slide, the worktable and other basic parts are all made of high-strength cast iron, which is stable in organization and ensures quality.

2. High-speed and high-precision spindle:
(1) The spindle motor is driven by a high-torque toothed belt, which does not slip, and can greatly reduce transmission noise and heat.
(2) The spindle adopts precision grade angular contact bearings.
(3) High-performance grease-lubricated spindle bearings and economical spindle head cooling system effectively control the temperature rise of the spindle.
(4)The main shaft uses the IRD dynamic balance correction equipment to directly correct the dynamic balance of the main shaft, so that when the main shaft is running at high speed, it can avoid production
(5) The resonance phenomenon is generated to ensure the machining accuracy.

3. High-precision ball screw pair, the ball screw is pre-stretched, which greatly increases the transmission rigidity and eliminates the influence of thermal deformation during rapid movement, ensuring the positioning accuracy and repeatability of the machine tool.

4. Automatic tool change system, the action is pneumatic and electric control, no pollution, easy maintenance, fast and reliable tool exchange.

5. The machine tool is equipped with an overall protective cover, which is beautiful, safe, leak-proof and protects the environment. The screw-type automatic chip removal device is simple and environmentally friendly, and is used for conveying general metal and non-metal chips.

6. High-efficiency automatic lubrication system, good lubricity and no waste of lubricating oil.

7. The sophisticated oil-water separation equipment reduces the mixing of oil and water in the cutting fluid, avoids the deterioration of the cutting fluid, and prolongs the service life.

8. The wiring in the electrical box is in compliance with safety regulations to ensure that the control system is free from external interference during operation. The electrical box is equipped with a heat exchanger, which can effectively control the temperature in the electrical box and ensure that the control system can operate stably for a long time.

9.High-precision pitch compensation, each drive shaft is compensated by a high-precision laser measuring instrument, which makes the positioning accuracy of each axis more accurate, and is more suitable for processing high-precision parts.

specifications VMC550 VMC640 VMC650 VMC840
Table size 700*350 800*300 800*400 1000*400
X axis travel 550 600 650 800
Y axis travel 350 360 400 400
Z axis travel 500 450 500 500
Max worktable load 300 300 400 450
Max spindle speed 8000 8000 8000 8000
Spindle taper Bt40 Bt40 Bt40 Bt40
Main motor power 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Max tool diameter 90 90 90 90
Max tool weight 8 8 8 8
Machine weight 3200 3000 4000 4200
Overall dimension 2100*1950*2300 1900*1700*2100 2400*2000*2550 2500*2050*2550
Cutting feed speed 1-10000 1-10000 1-10000 1-10000

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