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Medical guide wire Grinder Introduction

The FX-12S and FX-18S series CNC centerless grinders produced by ANTISHI can be used for precision grinding of medical guide wires. The grinder has the processing capabilities of square, cone, linear, non-linear, flat and threaded shapes;

· It is often used in the production of cardiovascular, neuro-interventional and dental medical equipment. It is an ideal machine for medical guide wires, dental parts and small precision parts;

· It can process workpieces with a minimum diameter of 0.01mm (0.0005″);

· The ed material processing system does not require sensors;

· The parts produced have unprecedented precision and repeatability,
Through CNC trimming system, computer interface and 8-axis motion controller;
Almost any shape imaginable can be processed;

· The special granite base makes the equipment extremely stable,
And minimize the impact of thermal expansion and contraction.

· All functions of the system can be customized, and the previous separate functions can be integrated together, saving customers time, space and production costs.

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