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How to choose cutting fluid in the roughneck process of Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine

When Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine is used to drill deep holes, it is generally difficult to realize completely dry cutting (that is, no cutting fluid is used at all) in actual production. Because deep hole drilling is different from ordinary turning and milling, it is carried out in a closed state, resulting in large cutting heat per unit time, long chip discharge channel, and difficult to discharge chips and cutting heat in time. Therefore, cutting fluid must be used. However, there are many forms of cutting fluid for radial drilling machine, so how to choose it for users? 1. when Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine processes cast iron workpieces, graphite in cast iron will crowd out the matrix. The strength and rigidity of cast iron are poor, but its hardness is strong and its machinability is good. When radial drilling machine is used to process cast iron workpiece, cutting fluid is not needed. 2. When cutting brass materials by radial drilling machine, brass materials used in industrial processing generally have good plasticity and strength. Therefore, lubricating fluid should be mainly used for lubrication. Generally, vegetable oil can be used. 3. When processing cast aluminum alloy materials, due to the poor plasticity, low strength and rough surface of this kind of alloy, the Z3080 hydraulic radial drilling machine should be used to process this kind of materials with kerosene or kerosene mixed with vegetable oil as lubricating fluid. 4. When radial drilling machine processes stainless steel materials, because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel materials is not good, it is easy to form * wear in the process of chip cutting. Therefore, cutting fluid that mainly reduces temperature and cleans should be selected in processing such materials. Mix * and sodium carbonate with water, so that the lubricating fluid made of it can process stainless steel workpiece materials well. 5. Radial drilling machine is used to process workpieces made of carbon steel alloy. Because carbon steel alloy has good metal cutting performance, it is easy to generate a lot of heat during processing, and the drill bit is easy to be deformed and broken. Therefore, it is necessary to select chip liquid compatible with cooling and lubrication when processing such workpieces. Thereby counteracting the phenomenon of heat increase caused by rough workpiece surface. Low-speed radial drilling machine should use high-concentration vulcanizing fluid, and when the speed is slightly faster than low speed, the mixture of vulcanizing fluid and kerosene should be used as lubricating fluid.

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