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The structure principle of internal grinder

The internal grinder is mainly used to grind the surface and end surface of the inner hole formed by the cylindrical, conical or other shapes. Grinding machine for processing the inner hole surface and the end surface of the cylindrical, conical or other shapes of the workpiece. Internal grinders are divided into ordinary internal grinders, planetary internal grinders, centerless internal grinders, coordinate grinders and special purpose internal grinders. According to the configuration of the grinding wheel shaft, internal grinders are divided into horizontal and vertical types.

1. Overview of the main mechanical structure of internal grinders

The main part of the grinder is the bed. The bed is the basic support of the grinder, on which is equipped with a grinding wheel frame, a workbench, a head frame, a tailstock and a transverse slide saddle. Make these parts maintain accurate relative positions during work. The inside of the bed is used as an oil pool for hydraulic oil. The headstock is used to install and clamp the workpiece and drive the workpiece to rotate. The headstock can rotate 90° counterclockwise in the horizontal plane. The internal grinding tool is used to support the grinding wheel spindle for grinding the inner hole. The spindle of the internal grinding tool is driven by a separate electric motor. The grinding wheel stand is used to support and drive the high-speed rotating grinding wheel spindle. The grinding wheel stand is mounted on the sliding saddle. When the short conical surface needs to be ground, the grinding wheel stand can be adjusted to a certain angle position ±30° in the horizontal plane. The tailstock and the top of the headstock support the workpiece together. The sliding saddle and the transverse feed mechanism rotate the transverse feed handwheel.
The transverse feed mechanism can drive the sliding saddle and the grinding wheel frame on it for transverse feed movement.
The workbench is composed of upper and lower layers. The upper worktable can rotate an angle (±10°) in the horizontal plane of the lower worktable. It is used to grind the long conical surface with small taper. The upper worktable is equipped with a headstock and a tailstock. They can reciprocate longitudinally along the bed rails along with the worktable. The purpose of the machine tool: general precision level universal internal grinder, the accuracy of the whole machine is IT6, IT7. The surface roughness value Ra of the machined surface can be controlled within the range of 1.25 and 0.08μm. The universal internal grinding machine can be used for the finishing of the inner cylindrical surface and the inner cone surface. Although the productivity is low, the universal internal grinding machine is widely used in single-piece small batch production workshops, tool workshops and machine repair workshops because of its good versatility.

2. Features and advantages of internal grinder

1. The feed and compensation of the machine tool are executed by two non-interference transmission mechanisms. The feed system has a fixed-range grinding function, and adopts two feed modes, manual or hydraulic.

2. The machine tool is equipped with a quick jump mechanism, so there is no need to manually calibrate the tool again after exiting the grinding wheel for measurement or dressing.

3. The workbench is equipped with a mid-stop device for fast rewind, and the rewind distance can be adjusted as needed to reduce auxiliary time.

4. The starter handle of the workbench is equipped with a safety interlock device to ensure the safety during loading, unloading and measuring.

5. The maximum speed of the grinding wheel shaft of the machine tool is 24000 rpm to improve the grinding of small holes.

6. User special order. The electric spindle can be retrofitted with frequency conversion speed regulation to grind small diameter inner holes.

7. This machine tool is equipped with an end face grinding device, which can ensure the perpendicularity between the inner hole of the workpiece and the end face.

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