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How to distinguish drilling machines

Vertical drilling machine
The worktable and spindle box can move straight on the column for processing small and medium-sized workpieces.

bench drill
Bench drill for short. The utility model relates to a small vertical drilling machine with a maximum drilling diameter of 12 ~ 15mm. It is installed on the bench for use. It is mostly manual drilling, which is commonly used to process small holes of small workpieces.

Radial drilling machine
The spindle box can move on the rocker arm, the rocker arm can reverse and rise and fall, and the workpiece is fixed. It is suitable for processing large, heavy and porous workpieces and is widely used in mechanical manufacturing.

Deep hole drilling machine
The specialized machine tool for drilling holes with a depth much larger than the diameter (such as the deep holes of gun barrel, barrel, machine tool spindle and other parts) with deep hole drilling. In order to facilitate chip removal and prevent the machine tool from being too large, it is usually planned horizontally and is often equipped with coolant vertical drilling machine
Conveying equipment (input coolant from the tool to the cutting part) and periodic tool withdrawal and chip removal equipment, etc.

Base hole drilling machine
Used for machining base holes at both ends of shaft parts.

Milling and drilling machine
The worktable can be moved vertically and horizontally, and the drilling shaft is placed straight, which can be used for milling.

Horizontal drilling machine
Drilling machine with horizontal spindle and vertical movement of spindle box

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