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CNC milling machine processing objects

CNC milling machine is a CNC machine tool with strong processing function, CNC milling is one of the main CNC machining methods commonly used in machining, can be milling ordinary milling machine can be milling the surface of various parts, can also be milling ordinary milling machine can not be milling the need for 2~5 coordinate linkage of various plane contour and three-dimensional contour. From the point of view of milling processing, Xiaobian summary of CNC milling machine processing objects there are several types:

1. Plane parts processing: the processing surface is parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or the Angle between the processing surface and the horizontal plane is a fixed Angle for the plane parts. At present, most of the parts processed on the CNC milling machine belong to the plane parts, which is characterized by each processing surface is a plane, or can be expanded into a plane. Plane parts are CNC milling processing in a simple class of parts, generally need to use three coordinate two coordinate linkage (that is, two axis half coordinate linkage) can be processed.

2. Beveled parts processing: machining surface and the horizontal plane Angle is continuously changing parts called beveled parts. The bevel machining surface of the bevel type parts cannot be expanded into a plane, and the instantaneous contact between the machining surface and the circumference of the milling cutter is a line. Adopt four coordinate, five coordinate swing Angle machining, can also use three coordinate for two axis semi-approximate machining.

3. Surface parts processing: the processing surface of the space surface of the parts called surface parts, such as mold, blade, propeller, etc. Curved parts cannot be expanded to a plane. Machining, milling cutter and machining surface for point contact, generally using the ball head cutter in the three axis CNC milling machine processing. When the surface is more complex, narrow channel, will damage the adjacent surface and need to swing the tool, to use four or five coordinate milling machine.

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