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Cutting fluid classification

Cutting fluids can be divided into oil-based cutting fluids and water-based cutting fluids.

The lubricating effect of oil-based cutting fluid is good, while the cooling effect of water-based cutting fluid is more outstanding.

Water based cutting fluid is generally composed of emulsion, semi synthetic cutting fluid and fully synthetic cutting fluid. The emulsion only uses mineral oil as base oil, which is milky white after dilution. Generally, it is diluted about 10 times. It is applicable to the processing of aluminum alloy and aluminum castings. Fully synthetic cutting fluid does not contain mineral oil and is a blue translucent liquid. This cutting fluid does not need to add water and is simple to operate. Semi synthetic cutting fluid is a water-soluble cutting fluid containing mineral oil and chemical synthetic base oil. The composition of mineral oil accounts for 5% – 50%.

The dilution ratio of cutting fluid should be based on the material of cutting workpiece.

The general rule is: the harder the material, the thicker the cutting fluid. The softer the material, the thinner the cutting fluid. The amount and concentration of cutting fluid supply have an important impact on sawing. The concentration is too low, the usage is too small, the sawtooth stability is improved, the tooth tip is easy to wear, the sawing stability is low, and the early wear of the tooth tip, oblique cutting, belt breaking and oblique cutting noise are easy to occur.


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