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How to ensure the workability of a rocker drill

A radial drill, also known as a radial drill. Radial drill is a kind of hole processing equipment, can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and scraping end face and other forms of processing. According to the machine tool clamping structure classification, rocker drilling can be divided into hydraulic radial drilling machine and mechanical radial drilling machine in all kinds of drilling machine, radial drilling machine is easy to operate, flexible and applicable scope is wide, typical, especially suitable for single piece or mass production with porous hole machining of large parts, is a common machine tool general mechanical processing workshops.

1. Ensure that the radial drilling machine is in the appropriate range of use. The use of many machines has a range of use. In the normal operation of the equipment, it should be less than the maximum value. If the equipment is overloaded in the operation process, the parts of the equipment will be greatly damaged, and the most serious consequences will be the injury to people.

2. Be sure to carry out routine testing on the radial drilling machine. Before use of the radial drilling machine, inspect the equipment according to the relevant operating procedures. Ensure that the equipment operates normally and is competent for the necessary work.

3. Pre-heat the device before operating it. According to the literal meaning of pre-heating is to let the equipment to run at low speed first, confirm the normal operation of the equipment before the work. If the device is not pre-heated, it may cause injury to the device and human body.

4 radial drilling machine tool installation to be correct, tool installation and use to meet the needs of different production and processing.

5. The workpiece should be fixed firmly on the equipment, in order to prevent accidental damage to the machine during the operation of the equipment.

6. During the operation of the equipment, operators should not wear accessories irrelevant to work.

7. Remember to clean up the garbage and maintain the equipment after use.

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